A common theme I have seen on hunter forums recently is people asking “How can I increase my DPS?” Most often, the first thing I check is the hunter’s talents. A proper set of talents can net you a large DPS gain, while placing them incorrectly (i.e. – for PvP) will hinder you in a serious raiding environment. So, since talent builds are the definition of who your character is and what he or she does, they are a good place to start for increasing your DPS.

Here are the two most common specs I advise people to use:
2/18/51 without Hunting Party
2/18/51 with Hunting Party

Why Aimed Shot?
Part of maximizing your DPS is figuring out which shots give you the most damage per use of the GCD (Global Cooldown). Aimed Shot hits smaller than Explosive, but significantly larger than Steady. So, every time you fire Aimed instead of Steady, you are getting a net gain in DPS.
Why not 6/14/51
I’ve seen this build posted and questioned a lot lately, and I can say with confidence it will not outshine 2/18/51. Some simple number crunching follows:
Serpent Sting on average (for hunters in my guild spec’d for Imp. Stings) is between 4-5% of their total damage on boss fights. Some simple algebra (4=1.3x, 5=1.3x) will show us that, untalented, their stings are contributing 3-3.8% of their damage. So, that is 3 talent points spent for a 1% damage increase.
Focused Fire (in the 6/14/51) build, on the other hand, takes not only one point to gain 1% more damage, but an additional three talent points to unlock. Thus, you’re sinking four points into a 1% damage increase, AND losing Aimed Shot in the process! While Multi-Shot is better in certain situations (i.e. – Sarth + drakes), it cannot be used on the move, and is thus much less useful.
What about X/X/X PvP Build?
These builds are purely for PvE purposes. If you want to maximize your DPS, you must be willing to concentrate solely on PvE damage and forego PvP talents.

Feel free to leave any additional questions you have in the comments section, and I will address them in a timely manner.